1903 Ephesus Church Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Williams Landscape Services has three decades of experience as landscaping and lawn care providers serving residents and businesses in the Chapel Hill and Durham, NC areas. Our team has extensive knowledge of proper lawn care, which we have used to create our lawn-enhancement program (LEP), a proven approach for maintaining a healthy, beautiful yard.

How does our LEP work? In basic terms, it's a carefully-constructed combination of aeration, fertilization, overseeding, and weed control based on a program developed by NC State University. Below is a month-by-month outline of our strategy for making your lawn look its best:

Pre-emergent weed control
Post-emergent weed control plus fertilizer
Pre-emergent weed control
Post-emergent weed control
A lime application for pH neutralization
Aeration, overseeding, and starter fertilization
Starter fertilization fortified with iron

Our LEP also includes fungus control in the spring or early summer. All of our fertilizers and weed control products are granular, so we use no spray products. In addition to our NC contractor's license, we also have our pesticides license, giving us the knowledge and qualification needed to handle anything related to maintaining your lawn.

Call us today to learn more about our lawn-enhancement program, and find out how Williams Landscape Services can have your lawn looking its very best.